Antioch Baptist Church
Sunday, February 25, 2018
-=[ Displaying His Love, Declaring His Truth.]=-

About Bill



Bill has been married to Leigh Ann since 1991. They have two children, Hannah and Clay. Bill has served as pastor of Antioch Baptist Church since May 2005. He leads the church in Declaring God’s Truth and Displaying God’s Love here and around our community.


Hobbies:                                                          Golf, duck hunting, family movie night, watching football.

Hometown:                                                      Memphis, TN

Favorite Sports Team(s):                                  University of Tennessee Volunteers, St. Louis Cardinals

Best Book I Ever Read (other than the Bible):     Anything by A.W. Tozer

Favorite Movie:                                               (Which genre? Too many “favorites” to list!)

Favorite Food:                                                 Any meat cooked on a grill

Favorite Vacation Destination:                          Florida

Place I Would Love to Visit:                              Yellowstone National Park, The Holy Land

People Would Be Surprised That I:                     Love to paint and draw

I collect:                                                          Coins, Star Wars collectibles, die-cast cars

What excites Bill about Antioch?

                “I am excited when I see the wonderful way in which people love one another, and the fact that God is blessing us with both numerical and spiritual growth.”